shiddi submitted:

Here it is!

first thing I did was get rid of that awful anglicized nose. I didn’t want to make the curves on the nose too dramatic, just aquiline. I also broadened the base of the nose. I based the nose off of my friend Lynn’s, who is 100% Syrian and off of my grandmother’s so the nose is much more Levantine Arab than Gulf Arab or Iranian.

then I worked on the eyebrows. originally they were going to be thicker and straighter, but then I realized that most Arab/Middle Eastern women sculpt their eyebrows so I tried to give them a more angular look.

then I broadened the eyes, which looked too round and just unnatural. I was going to shrink them, but then I realized the proportions of the face would be so godawfully off.

next I went to work on the jawline, which looked bizarre honestly. I wanted her to have a strong jaw like Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia. the jaw is what I think makes her look the prettiest, to be honest. I also widened the mouth which I thought was too puckered and weak looking.

I then widened her hips and upper body, widened her arms and just gave her more substance in general. her body proportions were so horrifying in the very first image that I decided that I liked your body modifications but wanted to take it further and make her more realistic.

I really wanted a nice headscarf to cover most of her hair and shoulders but I just didn’t have the time. I got a little lazy on it and a little crazy when I was doing the hair, but that stick straight poof she had just didn’t look Arab or Middle Eastern to me. My sister has a huge, curly bush of hair on her head so I tried to emulate that a little bit. what I really had hoped to do was to make her look at least a little less subservient and docile and a little fiercer and more capable, like Arab women generally were in medieval times when they owned land, got divorces, worked in commerce etc.

In my opinion, Jasmine was too closely based on the modern Middle Eastern woman, who is marginalized due to societal collapse and a return to the far conservative elements of society. Before the early 1900’s this was never the case. History must be taught to reflect the full story, even if in a children’s movie.

I am absolutely in love with her hair. This is great!