You’re not rude it all, in fact you’re actually very kind. I have been getting messages about my taylor swift post all night long and they’ve actually been genuinely curious. So, I will thank you for asking so nicely and being sincere about it. Now, my answers to your question are in NO WAY reflecting the way I think about you. You are a stranger to me, I am simply answering the question you have asked, if it feels like I’m being condescending, it’s towards Taylor Swift as a product, not the person. So let me begin.

1. Taylor Swift is a huge slut-shamer.

We see this in many of her songs, the very famous and over done “virgin/whore dichotomy” The idea that a virgin is much more valued and a better person over someone who embraces their sexuality and their own body. In the song, “You Belong With Me” she constantly plays herself up as a snowflake, a very special snowflake that is too dorky to get the guy she wants. Taylor, we were all dorky at that age, not just you. (But it also doesn’t make sense because you were homeschooled since the age of 15 so I cannot fathom why or how you’re writing about high school romances?) Anyways, she talks about how this brunette has this boy that she’s in love with and doesn’t notice the blonde “dorky” “average” girl. She rips at her choice of clothing, “she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts” implying that her dressing in a more provocative way than her is in fact the reason she is an evil temptress who’s got the boy she loves. No, Taylor, just no. Then we have the song, “Better than Revenge” in which it has been scandalously named to be written about how Camille Belle STOLE Joe Jonas from her. There’s a line in the song in which she sings, “She’s not a saint, and she’s not what you think/She’s an actress, whoa/She’s better known for the things that she does/On the mattress, whoa.” Really? The Mattress? Come on, if that’s not slut-shaming then I don’t know what is. Now back to the part where I capitalized the word STOLE. She treats people like her property, as if you can steal someone or take a person but we all know that people make these choices on their own. I mean, if you’re looking to blame anyone, blame Joe Jonas..Not slut-shame Camille Belle. 

*Also, I am not saying that young girls should have sex and go wild. It’s their body of course and if you chose to abstain then that is your choice.

2. Most of her songs are about boys and she feeds into the patriarchy.

This sends a message to most of her audience who are girls between the ages of 10-18 that the only thing important in their life is BOYS. Sure, she’s got a couple of songs about how people have been mean to her, how to chase your dreams but most of them is about boys, breakups, love and even feeling completed by boys. There is one song that she does have a female friend in, “15” in which she refers to Abigail, a friend who gave this boy “everything she had” but he didn’t really care for her. Basically, she gets with this boy who makes her believes that he likes her and they have sex. “when Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind” Again, implying that the only thing a girl is worth is her hymen which feeds into the patriarchy of being good, pure and virginal.

3. She’s said some homophobic lyrics.

In her song, “Picture to Burn” she threatens to tell the friends of a who doesn’t love her back (big surprise) that he’s gay. Making it seem like being gay is something that is wrong. Now, don’t go out and pull the “NO H8” ad of hers on me, it’s fake.

4. That swastika thing.

I have heard all these arguments about how she probably didn’t know or didn’t notice the huge red swastika on the boy’s t-shirt. Well, honestly if you’re going to be logical and think about a fan who’s coming up to you with a HUGE RED SWASTIKA painted on his t-shirt, you should probably refrain from taking a picture with him. I don’t care if you’re being nice, you’re not dumb nor are you young enough to not know what that sign represents in that fashion.

5. She acts like a special snowflake.

Being homeschooled from 15 at a Tennessee-based Christian home-schooling network Aaron Academy. Her father is a stockbroker AND a descendant of three bank presidents, ultra glamorous and well-off but she complains about kids who made fun of her at school,  cheerleaders who stole the boy she loves. She’s the only dorky one ever to have lived and suffered. It really goes without mentioning but I mean really, she’s had a privileged life. Parents who were wealthy enough to be able to get up and move for her ambitions. Her dreams were achieved all before she hit puberty. Now, she’s a 22 year old who is still singing songs about boys who have dumped her when she’s doing pretty well off and amazing as a singer. Her career would not have launched [out of the south] if it wasn’t for Kanye West, admit it. 

There are more sources and articles for you here: [xxx] and there are plenty of posts on tumblr that also dissect the product that is Taylor Swift. I hope this answers your question.