Why Laci Green can go f**k herself.






I hate Laci Green, as I said last night.

Most of it has to do with the fact that she KNOWS that she’s a ~popular blogger~ with a lot of people who look up to her, and yet when she does something wrong, and dozens of people call her out on it, she refuses to apologize.

A lot of her stuff has real relevance. Her sex-positive stuff really is informative, and it really is information that NEEDS to get out there, because sex-ed most people get in school and at home is unacceptable.

I actually love her views on veganism, too.

I was even on board with her Fat Shame video at first. Lots of the fat acceptance community were angry with her for not ‘knowing her place’, since she’s obviously thin-privileged and doesn’t personally feel the effects of fat shame. I don’t have a problem with that, I think it’s important that ALL people of ALL sizes speak out against fat shame, because it affects everyone. And she’s got a large audience, so hey, not a problem.

No, what pissed me off was this post (linked complete with my commentary). Which came right on the heels of her fat-shame video. She claims in this post ‘I lost 35lbs by learning how to love and take care of my body!’ This post came complete with progression photos and her ~lifestyle plan~.

Cue a bunch of her followers asking her for meal plans, exercise regimes, and other tips and tricks so that they can lose weight too.

Myself and many other people took issue with this post, and wrote eloquently about how and why it was problematic. We asked for an apology. We asked for an acknowledgment. 

This is what we got. (again, linking it from my blog because a) Laci deleted it from hers, and b) for my commentary)

I’ve had a hard time in the past (and honestly, I still do) apologizing when I’m wrong. I understand that it can be uncomfortable.

But if you want to be ~internet famous~ and you want people to look up to you, you have to accept that what you say WILL fall under scrutiny, and that if you hurt an oppressed group, you NEED to acknowledge it and apologize for it, and try very hard not to do it again. Denying that what you’ve said is problematic is the lowest of the low.

If a slew of members of an oppressed group tell you you fucked up, sit the FUCK down and listen.

I could maybe, MAYBE even forgive her if it was just a one time thing. But apparently shitty apologies are a trend with her, because she did the same thing while talking about Islam, too.

People stan hard for her, so I’ll probably get some negative feedback to this post, but the more I’ve looked, the more I’ve found that many more people than I thought are disenchanted and disgusted with her.

So yeah. Any time she shows up on my dash she gets a disgusted sigh and an eyeroll from me.

This. The diet privilege expressed in her post was considerable. Perhaps first and foremost being the privilege to talk about dieting and weight loss while getting offended when anyone points out you’re talking about dieting and weight loss. Its the privilege to define weight loss as intrinsically self-improvement (gee, where else have we heard that? *cough*Daisy*cough*). Its the privilege to trot out obvious visual references to fat shame like “Before and After” pictures and insist on having no responsibility for the way that shames and stigmatizes people who look more like the “before”. And its the privilege of thin people who think going from thin to more thin makes them experts on why people are fat. It made her protest of fat shaming seem a great deal more hallow with a great many more exceptions and qualifiers.


I have no energy to comment on this any further right now, but yeah. Wow.

Why I have zero time for Laci Green. It’s hard enough being fat or Islamic (I am fat, not Islamic) without having to call out this shit all the time.

Side-eyed because of the fat shaming, full out just fucking done with the Islamophobia. She does not know how to fucking own up to her shit and just thinks that everyone is ~ oversensitive ~

God damn, I can’t.