At twenty-two years old, Ainee Fatima is a social activist and poet on the Chicago 'spoken word' scene. Most of her writing deals with the struggle of growing up in America as a young Muslim teenager and speaks eloquently with the issues her fellow brothers and sisters in faith face today.

This young American-Muslim was a 2009 finalist and winner of Young Chicago Authors' Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB), the largest Teen Poetry Slam competition in Chicago. That year she was awarded a Girlspeak award and attended Brave New Voices, the international teen poetry slam with her team, Tribe Called West representing Chicago among the 50 amazing teams who competed.

In 2010, she was the duo slam champion at LTAB along side with her teammate Noor Hasan. With the help of award winning poets such as the founder of Slam Poetry Marc Smith, Louder Than a Bomb Co-Founder Kevin Coval, Robbie Q. Telfer,Roger Bonair-Agard and her coach, Paul S. Bellwoar, she continues to develop herself as a poet.

Her work with interfaith cooperation has been a passion since she began attending high school and took part in many of the interfaith round table events that were held after school in hopes to educate herself in the Interfaith movement. She hopes to continue with writing as she finishes college and hopefully publish a book in the future and make changes in her community through the help of IMAN, IFYC and OCON with her passion in interfaith building.

Ainee has been recognized for her poetry nationally and by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She was also featured in the 2011 Inaugural edition of the State Department Newsletter along with a poem of hers. She will also be published in two books within the next two years as well.

Along with poetry, Ainee is also passionate about feminism, social issues, racism, cultural appropriation and often documents her personal life as a Muslim woman of color in the United States.

This is her Tumblr.