The Quran says that your children and wealth are also fitnah for you but you don’t see people reacting to them the same way they do to “women are fitnah.” Do you even know the definition of fitnah. Are we all reading the same book.


The United States gives 8.5 million dollars per day in military aid to Israel so anyone who still thinks America isn’t involved “per se” can eat my ass. The financial collaboration coming from the United States is exactly what funds and allows the illegal and genocidal Israeli occupation of Palestine. 

  • orange is the new black: *piper on screen for longer than 5 seconds*
  • me: chill
Reflection (Snippet) | Fifth Harmony

Reflection (Snippet) - Fifth Harmony

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Cairo, Egypt via moemoe2005

neon jungle’s album leaked the day before i’m going on a 17 hour flight!!!


Shout out to all of the brown girls whose first time shaving wasn’t a joyful step into womanhood, but an occasion marked by the shame and grief of coming home from school and begging your mom to let you do it because the kids at school wouldn’t stop pointing and laughing

I pray you’re written for me.

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septums look better on woc 100% of the time



is rice not the best link between all poc?

the most wonderful common denominator?