rabbrakha asked: afghangster

i like his hair and his taste in fashion, other than that he’s weird.



The worst one was when I was in the mosque and I had a niqab on and some guy thought I was his WIFE and was like come on I parked the car a few roads away so we have to walk

I walked for a minute and then realised I wasn’t married

We must never forget

i’m really excited for ghost stories on sunday

u should all prepare to submit some

hierophilic asked: ME OBVIOUSLY PICK ME no but if you haven't gotten this one yet: Nicki Minaj c:

hahaha i think you’re amazing and super honest and respectful

BUT i love nicki so much, i love her personality but especially i love her in interviews.

fox-and-the-moon asked: Tina Fey

her daughter is really cute apparently

andiofthedead asked: Louis!

i like that he’s in a band with zayn

biryani-barbie asked: jus reign

his white ppl vines

biryani-barbie asked: kajol

her eyebrows

biryani-barbie asked: hillary duff

come clean and lizzie mcguire

thts all i like about her

galaxiaskykloz said: 

dude she said that those pics made it clear she didnt have a dick and was transphobic as hell